Below you will find key resources for current students, new students, and prospective students of the Data Analytics Engineering Program.

Current Students

Degree Requirements

Academic/Policy Resources

  • Graduate Student Policies
    Students are responsible upon admission for reviewing and adhering to the academic policies at GMU.
  • Academic Calendars
    Students are responsible for checking the academic calendar every semester. This resource includes key information such as registration dates, add/drop deadlines, and important university holiday information.
  • Graduate Student Forms
  • Office of International Programs and Services
    The Office of International Services and Programs (OIPS) website has resources for international students, including information on I-20 requests, OPT and CPT requests, as well as advising hours for OIPS advisors. Be aware, that OIPS advisors are an invaluable resource and can assist with many things related to your international student status that your academic advisor is not able to assist with. Becoming familiar with the resources on the OIPS website is very important.  

Employment Resources

Computing/Software Resources


Graduate Student Life & Support Services

  • Graduate Student Life
  • Office of Disability Services
    This office can support students with disabilities in receiving accommodations to help them succeed
  • Student Involvement
    This resource has information on on-campus events and registered student organizations
  • CEC Office of Diversity, Outreach, and Inclusive Learning
    This office works to promote greater diversity and inclusive learning within the College of Engineering and Computing. It provides resources to students, faculty, and staff on scholarships, research opportunities, peer mentorship programs, student organizations, and more. Visiting the Computing and Engineering Diversity Resource Information Center (CEDRIC) can provide you with resources and support in your educational journey
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
    This office provides short-term mental health support, including private and group counseling. They also help students get in touch with more extended support services in the community as needed
  • Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC)
    This office provides diverse programming and services, as well as referrals, for students going through hardship or experiencing a personal crisis

New Students

Next Steps for New Students

  • New Student Checklist
    New students should make sure to carefully review all the information on the new student checklist, including how to set up your email address, how and when to submit your immunization record requirements, along many other important next steps. If you have any questions about the transition into Mason, do not hesitate to reach out to your academic advisor for support. 
  • New International Student Resources
    New international students should review both the general 'New Student' checklist as well as the 'New International Student Resources.' The resources from OIPS for international students cover important things like I-20 requests, SEVIS check-in, housing concerns, and other things of specific interest to students coming to the university from abroad.
  • Online Registration Guide
    Two guides are provided on this page: registration through Patriot Web and registration through Patriot Scheduler. While Patriot Scheduler can be an interesting tool, we generally recommend students in our program register directly through Patriot Web.



Prospective Students

Admission Information

Financial Information